Will COVID-19 Be Long-Lived?

There are so many unknowns associated with COVID-19 we don’t know where to start.

Perhaps the greatest unknown: Will COVID-19 come back year after year like the seasonal flu?

Or is it a one-and-done outbreak akin to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or the Avian flu, both of which are Coronaviruses?

Without the knowledge concerning longevity—governments around the world are rushing to find a vaccine.

But does that make sense?

Just not knowing the life-cycle of COVID-19 virus makes it prudent to protect ourselves in the future.

Still, it may be an overreaction.

A new case of SARS-COR-2 hasn’t been recorded since 2004.

The Avian flu had four minor outbreaks—but nothing since 2014.

Is COVID-19 more akin to SARS-COR-2 or the seasonal flu?

The bigger question: Is COVID-19 self-sustaining?

What about the seasons?

What impact will a changing of the seasons have on the COVID-19 virus?

This may be the most important question—what will happen with the approach of summer?

Will there be a sharp decline in new infections?

It should be noted, the major outbreaks of COVID-19 have all occurred in the Northern Hemisphere.

This does not imply no cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the Southern Hemisphere; but rather, we are talking about major outbreaks.

Perhaps, we should look to the Southern Hemisphere for insight as to the longevity or sustainability of the COVID-19 virus in hot climates.

Given the Southern Hemisphere represents a mirror image of the Northern Hemisphere, while the North is just approaching spring time, the South is entering the latter stages of summer. It would seem reasonable that we may be able to glean some insights into what the future holds for this country by looking south.

Again, it is not if the Coronavirus has hit Australia; but rather, are Australians experiencing sustainable outbreaks—i.e. is the infection rate in Australia mirroring the rates seen in Northern Hemisphere countries such as China, Italy and the U.S.?

One of the biggest issues surrounding COVID-19 and the policies being imposed in this country is—the unknown.

We should be doing everything in our power to eliminate the unknowns to alleviate the public’s anxiety.

The best way to do that is to try to peer into the future by looking to the Southern Hemisphere for clues regarding what the summer may bring for America.