Why the Vitriol—Failed Expectations

What justifies the Democrats all out pursuit to impeach America’s 45th President?

It all goes back to the 2016 Presidential election—and failed expectations.

Hillary Clinton was invincible—yet she lost.

Donald Trump was unelectable—yet he won.

More important, the liberal media had invested so much of itself to see a Clinton victory yet came up short.

Liberals and Democrats had set themselves up for failure with their false narrative of a landslide victory which had been based on desire not reality.

Instead, a political newcomer won in an electoral landslide.

Mr. Trump’s victory was too much to bear for liberals.

Rather than blame themselves for not living in reality, liberals created a new false narrative—the election was stolen.

Enter Russian interference.

It all made perfect sense.

Hillary Clinton was invincible—just as important, Donald Trump was deemed unelectable. So, when Donald Trump won the 2016 election, in the minds of Democrats, it made sense to question the election results.

These glaring contradictions needed to be reconciled.

Instead of challenging the underlying assumptions of invincibility and unelectability, what the liberal media and Democrats concluded was the election had to have been stolen, which opened the door to the Obama Administration’s charge of Russian interference and eventually collusion.

Given the state of mind of liberals, that the 2016 U.S. Presidential election was stolen, it stands to reason Donald Trump is illegitimate.

Once we understand the mindset of illegitimacy, it doesn’t require a major leap to comprehend why liberals feel justified in taking any and all steps necessary to remove the illegitimate pretender from the throne.

It makes perfect sense.

More important, it’s all justified.

We’ve gone from collusion—to campaign finance (Stormy Daniels)—to obstruction—to quid pro quo and abuse of power.

In a perverse twist, until the assumptions of invincibility and unelectability are debunked—there will be no respite for President Trump—or for that matter liberals.

Here’s the dilemma for Democrats and the liberal media: if they actually looked at the cold hard facts, they would have to admit—if to no one else than themselves, their false narrative of invincibility and unelectability were lies.

More important—they had fallen for their own deception.

In essence, they had betrayed themselves.

But who are they going to blame for their self-betrayal—themselves or someone else?

Certainly not themselves!

This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As long as the assumptions of invincibility and unelectability remain myth—the liberal media will remain justified in their attempt to get rid of Donald Trump.

After all, in their eyes he’s illegitimate.

Worse for Democrats, until the myths of invincibility and unelectability are discredited, impeachment will remain the hue and cry of liberals.

Sadly, impeachment can’t save the Democrats from their self-imposed lies.