Why Liberal Media Got it So Wrong: They Believed Their Own False Narrative (2016)

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.                                   

Leonardo da Vinci

In 2016, the so-called intelligentsia would have been well advised to follow the sage advice of the original renaissance man. Sadly, they were too busy drinking the Kool-Aid to notice they were deceiving themselves.

To make the deception complete, the liberal media siloed itself within its own affinity group—ensuring no outside influences or reasoning would breach the walls they erected.

What lie did the liberal media tell itself? They convinced themselves Donald Trump was as unlikable as Hillary Clinton. Worse, once they created the false narrative, assigning Mr. Trump the same unlikable status as Mrs. Clinton, they never considered Mr. Trump as a worthy leader.

What is more troubling, liberals never distinguished unlikable traits from unlikable person, leading them down a rabbit hole from which they were never able to extricate themselves.

To compound matters, the liberal media was a major factor in creating the negative image of Donald Trump—covering, often creating, mostly non-issue fluff stories meant to paint Mr. Trump in a negative light.

If the liberal media had spent half as much time on real news stories concerning their chosen candidate, they would have seen Trump’s negatives were no where near those of Clinton. Perhaps then the 2016 presidential election results wouldn’t have come as a surprise.

However, that was not what the liberal media wanted to see. They wanted Donald Trump to be viewed as unelectable—so that’s the false narrative they created and relentlessly pursued.

 Still, it is one thing to want something to be true—and a far different matter for it to be true.

This is not to say that Mr. Trump doesn’t have certain traits or done things even his supporters find distasteful. The question: Do those negatives rise to the level of unelectable?

The resounding answer: Not given the choice in the 2016 presidential election.

Furthermore, as desperate as the liberal media was to tar Mr. Trump as unelectable, they only had so much control over the narrative—they could only deceive the public so much.

The true irony of the liberal media’s false narrative: The more they tout it, the more they actually believe in it, as is evident in the farcical recount effort led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

What is mind boggling: The liberal media still believes they got it right. That only a major theft committed by the Russians on election day prevented Hillary Clinton from being the country’s president in 2016.

Absolute nonsense—but that’s what liberals believe.

How could liberals and the liberal media be so thoroughly convinced of a narrative that never had any legs?

First, their thinking was siloed. Once they established their false narrative, liberals never allowed their premise to be challenged. This led to their utter belief Donald Trump was unelectable.

Second, liberals turned to self-serving polls and surveys to reinforce their view of Donald Trump’s candidacy. Unfortunately, liberals turned to subjective junk science to give them quantitative facts.

Surveys represent, at best, soft science. Beyond being soft science, all surveys are biased. In fact, no one to date has figured out a way to produce an unbiased survey. (See: What Poll/Surveys Can Reveal—Very Little)

Worse, there are no constraints as to what the marketer is allowed to do with the data they collect.

For instance: A marketer could assess an unlikable trait or action as being the same as viewing a candidate as unlikable. In essence, lumping all unlikable responses into the same bucket—even when any reasonable person knows there’s a distinction.

This is in fact what the liberal media did. They had a preconceived bias that Donald Trump was unlikable, therefore, unelectable—they then used the pseudoscience of surveys to reinforce their case.

While Mr. Trump had unlikable traits, the public did not view him in an overall unlikable manner—hence, as is self-evident, the public obviously didn’t view him as unelectable.  

The dilemma for the liberal media: They created a false narrative, reinforced by pseudo-science, which allowed the greatest deceptionself-deception.

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