Why Did the Democrats Get it So Wrong?

All the evidence was there for anyone to see—Donald Trump did not break the law.

Did he ask for a favor from Ukrainian President Volodymry Zelenskyy—yes.

The minutes of the July 25th phone conversation between Messrs. Trump and Zelenskyy clearly shows a favor being asked.

But that favor was not about digging up dirt on Joe Biden and Burisma as the liberal media and Democrats would have the country believe.

The favor was all about cooperation between the Ukrainian government and Attorney General (AG) William Barr on Mr. Barr’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

This is a legitimate DOJ investigation!

So how come the liberal media and Democrats misconstrued the facts so badly?

More important: Given the facts actually demonstrate President Trump didn’t do anything wrong in regard to ordering the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) pull back the release of the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funding—why did House Democrats vote “yes” on articles of impeachment?

The release of the USAI funding required the DoD certify the Ukrainian legislature demonstrate control over the ministries of the Ukraine, most important of all the defense ministry.

The DoD fulfilled that requirement by submitting certification to that affect—the problem, when the DoD submitted their certification, in June of 2019, President Zelenskyy had already dissolved the Ukrainian legislature—calling for parliamentary elections to take place on July 21st 2019.

There was no Ukrainian legislature to certify.

Why haven’t the liberal media or Democrats viewed the actions of the DoD as malfeasance?

DoD officials had committed fraud.

In essence, the DoD had broken the law.

Mr. Trump’s actions simply corrected the DoD’s attempted circumvention of the law.

But that’s not how the liberal media and Democrats view it.

The question—why?

The liberal media and Democrats want to view Donald Trump in the worst possible light. So anything he does is viewed with that perspective.

When President Trump announced, with the effective defeat of ISIS, he was immediately withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria the news was not met with positive reviews.

The liberal media and Democrats (as well as numerous Republicans) called his action reckless. More pointedly, Mr. Trump’s announcement was characterized as a betrayal of the Kurds.

The liberal media’s narrative was a total manipulation of the facts.

But it fit their modus operandi.

Mr. Trump’s actions were not viewed as protecting American soldiers and their families.

It is worth noting, it was President Obama who put the Kurds of Syria in harms way.

His regime change policy necessarily meant any enemy of the al-Saad regime was an ally of America. Sadly that included categorizing ISIS as an ally.

This is a fact conveniently omitted by the liberal media and Democrats.

If President Obama had come to the aid of the Syrian Kurds—he would be going against his regime change policy. He would be aiding Bashir al-Saad in maintaining control over Syria. So President Obama made a choice—go after ISIS or turn his back on the Syrian Kurds.

Barak Obama chose the latter.

It was President Trump who came to the aid of the Kurds—both in Iraq and Syria.

President Obama had abandoned them, leaving them at the mercy of ISIS.

But that’s not the narrative the liberal media or Democrats wish to spread.

It doesn’t fit their reality—at least not the reality they want you to see.

President Trump has been taken to court on three separate occasions.

It’s unheard of.

  • Travel Ban on 7 Muslim Countries
  • Emergency Declaration
  • DACA

It’s all part of viewing President Trump in a negative light.

He is not seen as an enforcer of lawhe subverts it.

Even with two of the Supreme Court cases already vindicating his interpretation of the law—the negative characterization of President Trump doesn’t stop.

In the case of Mr. Trump’s repeal by use of Executive Order on DACA—no mention is made that President Trump was merely correcting the “abuse of power” by President Obama when he created immigration law without going through the legislative process and Congress.

More egregious, the liberal media and Democrats continue to paint President Trump as attacking DACA—the Dreamers Act—when in fact he is addressing the “abuse of power” wielded by his predecessor.

Donald Trump can do no good.

Has President Trump been creative at times—yes.

But he has colored inside the lines of the law.

Whether we are talking about his implementation of trade tariffs or his circumvention of the Senate in regard to the confirmation process by leaving posts manned by “acting” personnel, the President has been creative—although well within his rights.

Yet, at every turn President Trump is vilified—why?

It is because the liberal media and Democrats can’t find it within themselves to see any good in Donald Trump.

It is this warped negative view of President Trump that will continue to have liberals and Democrats getting it wrong.