What’s Wrong with COVID-19 Taking its Natural Course?

It is undeniable the panic associated with the Coronavirus has been pervasive.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemonium has led to ill-conceived edicts with far reaching consequences that go beyond the virus.

The question: Just how bad is the Coronavirus that we are willing to accept economic crippling decrees and in the process have our civil liberties trampled on?

Does the Coronavirus represent a catastrophic event?

Is it the fear of death or perhaps merely the fear of fear itself that is propelling us down our current course?

We must stop and ask: What’s wrong with letting COVID-19 take its natural course?

Could we create a level of herd immunity within the populace, especially given there is no vaccine for the Coronavirus? (Read: The 15% Rule)

Would this be the best option going forward?

This is exactly the course of action taken by Sweden. (Read: Sweden—The Other Choice)

Sadly, since the onset of the Coronavirus outbreak, the American people have been forced to accept dictatorial rule without being given a voice. (Read: Coronavirus: The Rise of Dictatorial Rule)

The public has not been invited into the conversation, largely because there hasn’t been a conversation. Decisions have been made for the public as if the citizens are children.

It would be one thing if America were China or a Socialist nation such as Italy—but America is a free nation—predicated on the protection and preservation of individual rights.

Even in times of war—the public has a say in the course of action taken by the nation.

After all, it will be ordinary Americans who will carry the burden of any decisions made regarding war.

But the Coronavirus has been a different story.

Decrees have been passed down, “in the best interest” of the public, with no input permitted by ordinary citizens.

Isn’t there an annual flu vaccine?

Even with the annual flu vaccine, in the two year period from 2017-2019, over 140,000 Americans died due to influenza—along with 1.5 million hospitalizations.

Was there ever the same level of concern over the flu and its impact on society and the potential to overwhelm our healthcare system?

More important, we as Americans are given a choice to take the vaccine or not.

In effect, we, as a society, are given the choice on what risks we are willing to accept.

That has not been the case with the Coronavirus.

Given the current course of action by state governors, why hasn’t the government “stepped-in” to force every American to take the annual flu shot—removing our choice?

Sadly, the voice of the people is being waylaid by an unrelenting media pummeling us with constant reminders of death. This constant drum beat in turn has given cover to overzealous politicians willing to throw civil liberties out the window as they carry out their oppressive decrees.

In the case of the Coronavirus, we have been given no options.

Prior to the introduction of a Chicken Pox vaccine in 1995, mothers took it upon themselves to create herd immunity against Chicken Pox. Mothers purposely exposed their children to those already infected with the virus.

Mothers knew the lesser of two evils was to have their children catch Chicken Pox at and early age rather than have them contract the virus as a teen or adult.

It was a choice.

This is what should be taking place today.

Give society the option, the choice—either to accept the risk of allowing the Coronavirus to follow its natural course or to continue with the draconian decrees that could do more damage than the virus, on its own, would ever do.

This does not mean precautions should be abandoned; but rather, allow the populace to determine what level of risk they are willing to accept or not.

What costs are American citizens willing to pay?

Regrettably, the approach of control taken “on behalf the public” requires increasingly harsh measures, as state governors try to thwart the spread of an organism we are still learning about.

Unfortunately, waiting for a vaccine is not an option.

Instead of imposing crippling edicts, citizens should be given the choice to control COVID-19 by gaining herd immunity.

Herd immunity can only be attained by allowing the Coronavirus to follow its natural course.

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