Voter Fraud Not Limited to Blue Counties or States

Is voter fraud limited to just Blue counties or states?

Why should it be?

Voter fraud is an attempt to throw the election in the favor of one candidate. In the current election that would be Joe Biden and Democrats.

Therefore, where votes are harvested makes little difference.

It doesn’t even matter if the stolen votes come from those who declare themselves as Republicans.

All that matters is a vote can be generated to support Joe Biden and his Party.

And it’s all possible because of the new world order of mail-in ballots. (Read: Mail-in Ballots Represent New Paradigm)

The only major inhibitor—counties where voter rolls are routinely purged.

Even then, there remain numerous potential candidates on voter registries, including the dead¸ that can be harvested by those seeking to engage in voter fraud. (Read: What Do 10,000 Dead Michigander Voters Tell Us (Part I, Part II))

It should be noted: Residents who move out of a particular county, especially if they move to another state, are required to notify the County Clerk’s office so that they can be removed from the voting registry of that county.

This is not always done.

Nor has a national registry been created, therefore, there is no means to identify if someone has voted in multiple states.

(Note: Identifying if someone has voted in multiple states has never been a major issue until the mail-in ballot came into being.)

With no national registry, voter rolls not efficiently purge to make sure only actual viable voters remain, there is ample potential for voter fraud across the country.

Sadly, it’s not limited to Blue counties or states.