Trump’s Blunder: He Trusted the Liberal Media

Above all else the Coronavirus represents the unknown.

What is the infection rate?

How many will die?

When will it all be over?

In the midst of so much uncertainty—the country needs level heads.

The Coronavirus scare represents a moment in time when we should pull together, instead we get panic from the media.

Is the Coronavirus a crisis?

Should it be?

In truth, COVID-19 has been made into a crisis—by the media.

We get hourly death tolls along with constant incendiary language such as leap in deaths, or death toll hits new peak.

There is no quelling of fear by the media.

Instead, the media amplifies it.

President Trump rightly believed, in the country’s hour of need, everyone should pull to together—sadly, he trusted the media would do its part.

This has been his greatest failure in the COVID-19 scare.

Whether it’s a perceived shortage of COVID-19 test kits, N95 respirators, or ventilators or releasing massive liquidity into the economy—the media’s negative onslaught is unrelenting.

It just doesn’t stop.

The media harps on the failures of the Trump administration never giving it any credit for their successes.

This constant criticism has one effect—it erodes public confidence.

Have there been failures?

Of course, the Coronavirus has too many unknowns for there not to be failures—however, there have also been successes.

The so-called lack of COVID-19 test kits was hyped as a major failure.

Yet, as we now see, it was a media fabrication. (Read: The Test Kit Lie)

Mass testing was never a viable option—therefore 10’s of millions of test kits were never needed.

States have come to this very conclusion—advising the public that a medical professional will determine whether an individual needs to be tested for the Coronavirus or not.

Ultimately, instead of 10’s of millions of test kits—what the country needed was perhaps on the order of a million or so.

But that’s not the story the media wanted to tell—so, the country was subjected to the hysteria and panic over insufficient test kits.

Donald Trump was blamed for a shortage of N95 respirator masks that potentially put healthcare workers in harms way.

What the media didn’t tell the public—it was their fear mongering that had driven citizens into panic mode. (Read: The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020)

In their panic, even without understanding the transmission mode of COVID-19—the public bought up every available medical grade respirator mask they could get their hands on, creating a shortage.

The fear pedaling by the media led to the natural human behavior of hoarding, whether of respirators or toilet paper. But somehow that was President Trump’s fault.

At every turn, the so-called failures of the Trump Administration have been loudly broadcast by the media—the successes—not so much.

President Trump addressed the shortage of N95 respirator masks by allowing the very same masks produced for non-medical grade applications to now be used by healthcare workers.

He called on private industry to supply the surge in demand of N95 masks.

He didn’t invoke a government edict to force companies to meet the needs of the nation—he asked them—and they responded. (Read: Coronavirus: Trump’s Signature Moment)

In the great spirit of America, private industry has risen to the challenge—and they have done so without being forced.

Automakers are now shouldering the burden of supplying the country’s needs for ventilators.

Again, they were not toldthey were asked—and they have responded.

Private industry understands we are all in this together; Donald Trump understands we are all in this together—the media?

Worse, the incessant negativity of the media has done real damage. 

In a time when the public needs confidence—confidence is being stripped away by the one entity that could do so much to allay the fear and panic that has gripped the nation.

Perhaps, this has been President Trump’s greatest blunder—he believed, in a time of crisis, we should all pull together as a nation for the good of the people.