The Recipe For Panic

Pandemic, crisis, death—we recognize the incendiary language of panic; the lexicon meant to play on our emotions. But words are only one element in the recipe to create panic and hysteria, there is another component that largely goes overlooked—normalcy.

In truth, it is the absence of normalcy that allows panic to thrive—allowing common sense to be cast aside in favor of irrational fear.

Normalcy gives us the tether we need to put events into context—to ground our thinking—without that connectivity we lose perspective.

Ask yourself, do you feel as if you’re living in a surreal world?

Are you comfortable with the abnormal conditions or do they make you anxious?

Of course it makes you anxious—that’s normal.

There is little doubt these are not normal times, but is it due to actual events or is it manufactured?

Are we living in a natural crisis or a man-made one?

This is not an issue of whether or not COVID-19 is man-made or naturally occurring; but rather, is the environment in which we find ourselves natural or artificial?

Did the current atmosphere materialize naturally or was it manufactured through the actions of the media and others?

There should be little doubt it is the latter.

More troubling, it should be recognized we’ve been manipulated into living an abnormal existence—purposely detached from our normal lives.

This is all part of the recipe of panic.

We are all familiar with cults.

Cults are built by a charismatic individual who creates an alternate reality, in the process, drawing others into their self-proclaimed utopia.

Those who are not part of the cult are dismayed anyone would be gullible enough to become a member. Don’t the cult members know they are being taken in?

Simply put, those who join the cult don’t—and they don’t because they have been dissociated from their old realities.

Cult leaders realize in order to have an obedient flock they must create unquestioning loyalty within their community.

A big part in creating blind loyalty: cult members must be separated from their old reality. Is it any wonder one of the common traits of cults is to have their members cutoff contact with family and friends?

This is done on purpose—to eliminate the member’s ability to gain perspective, to tether their thinking.

Cult leaders artificially create the reality they want their members to live and that new reality cannot be challenged.

Whether we are talking about Hitler and the Nazi Party or Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge—it’s always the same, in order to create a new world order the old paradigm must be done away with.

This is what is taking place in America and across the globe today.

The world of common sense has been replaced by hysteria.

A big factor in creating this hysteria is removing normalcy.

March Madness has been canceled. Major League Baseball’s season put on hold. In fact, every sporting event whether professional, college or high school has been suspended or outright canceled.

Schools have been shutdown.

We have social distancing.

Welcome to the new world order, an order that has taken America out of the realm of the normal and delivered it straight into the abnormal.

Regrettably, the abnormal allows draconian measures to be imposed and accepted by the general populace.

Governors in some states have gone so far as to dictate “stay at home” policies, all in the name of the mythical flattening of the curve. (Read: The Myth of Curve Flattening)

Effectively, we have given over our free will to politicians.

We don’t challenge the wisdom of the draconian measures that will put so many in financial peril.

Is that smart?

Is that good for the country?

There is no denying COVID-19 will take lives, but is it worse than the seasonal flu?

Sadly, we don’t stop to ask such simple questions.

We don’t utilize our knowledge.


It’s all new.

Everything is new, we have no connectivity.

We are not living in the normal—we have been forced to live an abnormal existence.

In the abnormal we have no knowledge, no perspective—that makes us easy prey to panic and fear mongering.

It’s all part of the recipe of panic.

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