The Problem for Liberals in 2020—They Didn’t Cheat Enough

Oddly, in an election marred by what can only be described as massive levels of voter fraud—the problem for Liberals in 2020, they simply didn’t cheat enough.

Liberals and the liberal press claim no voter fraud exists; it’s all a smokescreen.

President Trump and his legal team simply don’t want to accept the outcome of the election and are looking to use the excuse of voter fraud to stay in office.

Furthermore, Trump’s legal team’s assertions of cheating can be explained by clerical errors and honest mistakes tied to dealing with the new mail-in created due to the Coronavirus pandemic—nothing more.

The allegation of corrupt software is just pure myth.

None of it is cheating in the minds of liberals—and certainly not to the level that would change the 2020 election results.

So, President Trump needs to get over it.

The problem with the liberal media’s denial of voter fraud—it flies in the face of what we know.

The 2020 election took place in a toxic atmosphere created by the liberal media and Democrats. For four years the liberal media had done everything in its power to paint Donald Trump as illegitimate—that only with the aid of the Russians was he able to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. (Read: Four Years of Vitriol—Leads to Clean Election?)

Faced with the corrosive atmosphere the liberal media has been fomenting, we should have expected massive voter fraud and under no circumstances should the public have expected a clean election.

So, is it more likely than not massive voter fraud took place in 2020?


The question: Can the Trump legal team prove it’s case?

The data and real-world statistical analysis should give Trump supporters confidence that enough provable voter fraud took place in the Rust Belt states alone to flip the election back to Donald Trump. (Read: Statistical Aberrations Can Only Be Explained By Voter Fraud)

The dilemma for liberals, as much cheating as apparently occurred, it wasn’t enough.

The margin of Joe Biden’s lead just wasn’t large enough to lead to a concession by President Trump.

In the Rust Belt states, there wasn’t a knockout blow delivered by liberals.

Donald Trump isn’t looking at half a million vote deficits—he’s looking at vote counts that can easily be overcome—especially if his information about voter fraud is correct.

The problem for liberals—the level of voter fraud is already at such levels that it has rightly led to widespread suspicions regarding the legitimacy of the election.

The greatest issue facing liberals in the 2020 election, they believed their own hype.

Throughout the 2020 election, Liberals continued to roll out the popular vote argument—that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016.

In reality, while Mrs. Clinton did win the popular national vote by 2.8 million votes—what she really won was an uncontested California by 4.2 million votes.

This is not a narrative told by the liberal press.

Effectively, in 2016 Donald Trump won the aggregate popular vote in the 49 states not named California by 1.4 million votes. (More insights on the false narrative pursued by the liberal media regarding the 2016 Presidential election can be found in the e-book written under Occam’s Razor by Dan Butterfield titled “First Premise.”)

In a nutshell, this is the problem liberals faced in 2020.

As an unknown in 2016, Donald Trump won the popular vote across 49 states and liberals have never acknowledged this fact—they’ve been living a lie ever since.

If the liberal media had acted as honest brokers—they would have known Donald Trump’s support was far greater than they gave him credit.

In essence, the problem for liberals is they underestimated President Trump’s support in 2016—which led to them making the same mistake in 2020.

Still, they had convinced themselves Donald Trump had to go.

More important, they had convinced motivated liberals (zealots) across the country—getting rid of Donald Trump was justified. (Read: The Zealot Mindset)

This has led to historic voter fraud.

In Pennsylvania, President Trump was leading by what should have been an insurmountable amount under normal conditions—that is until the wee-hours of the morning when mail-in ballots were tabulated in Philadelphia.

Remarkably, Donald Trump’s insurmountable lead—had been surmounted, finding the President now over 40,000 behind his opponent.

Similar events took place in Michigan and Wisconsin, where the President seemed to have insurmountable leads until statistically impossible spikes flip the lead to Joe Biden.

The State election officials could not explain the statistical aberrations, speculating it was caused by the mail-in vote that heavily favored Mr. Biden.

(Note: mail-in ballots are received by the county—not at precincts.)

Could the mail-in vote have caused the “step function” rise in Mr. Biden’s vote tally?


Benford’s Law would suggest they cannot.

In fact, Benford’s Law demonstrates step-functions are not possible in natural (organic) systems, of which voting is an example.

There is statistical analysis done by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and others on voting in Michigan.

According to Dr. Ayyadurai the only explanation for the voting anomalies: Software manipulation.

Richard Baris, of Big Data Poll, discovered when he compared voting data and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) nearly 10,000 dead Michiganders voted in 2020.

Sadly, what has been discovered to date cannot be considered anomalies—they can only be explained by overt cheating.

The fundamental issue for liberals in 2020, the level of cheating needed to deny Donald Trump a second term was so high it was never going to go undetected.

Ironically, liberals couldn’t have cheated more than they did.

In the end, it will be proven in 2020 liberals simply didn’t cheat enough.

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