The Lunacy of Face Covering

At the height of the N95 face respirator shortage—President Trump quipped, “a scarf could be used as a substitute.”

The media was quick to chastise Mr. Trump—calling his comments naive, worse—dangerous.

It was later discovered the advice Donald Trump shared had come from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

The rationale by the CDC, any covering in an emergency was better than nothing.

The CDC’s position correlates to the adage—any port in a storm.

How have we gone from a temporary stop gap measure to practically everyone wearing cloth face coverings?

Pure lunacy.

Do cloth face coverings actually protect the wearer?

They may provide some value if worn by someone infected by Covid-19—trapping the virus on the inside of the covering. However, as a protective device, non-N95 coverings do nothing to protect the wearer. At best, they give the wearer a false sense of security.

Why don’t they work?

If someone is exposed to the virus—the airborne particles are everywhere.

The eyes, if not protected would be an access portal for the virus.

The virus would also be present on a person’s clothing.

When that apparel is removed—as it passes the mouth, nose and eyes—the virus can be transmitted to the individual.

This is the myth of face coverings—and protective gear in general.

It should be pointed out—PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) worn by those in the medical profession is disposable.

This is key: PPE is disposable.

Why is this important?

If a pathogen is caught by the PPE—by disposing of it—the healthcare worker is protected against the virus.

Likewise, as healthcare workers travel from one patient to another—the spread of Covid-19 is controlled as the worker discards the disposable gear, replacing it prior to any interaction with a different patient.

(Note: the only non-disposable portion of the PPE is the face shield)

The problem with cloth face coverings is exacerbated by the need to continually disinfect them.

It must be remembered—PPE worn by healthcare workers is disposable.

PPE is meant to be discarded—frequently.

Is that the case with cloth face coverings?

Are individuals frequently disinfecting these cloth masks?

Perhaps even more moronic, if one can believe it is possible—is the demand by stores that employees wear disposable face coverings—but the same disposable mask all day.

It should be noted: healthcare workers are trained in the proper protocols to be followed in removing PPE.

That simply isn’t the case with the general public.

Individuals routinely are seen with disposable masks dangling in one position or another during the day.

This negates any possible value of the face coverings.

So why are face coverings being mandated by so many Governors?

Why is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seeking to make the wearing of face coverings federal law?

Face coverings represent a continuation of the ill-conceived policies of isolation, in the same vain as social distancing remains a hallmark of the “shelter in place” orders. (Read: The Dubious Causality of Social Distancing)

Politicians on the left are trying to promote a continuation of their failed isolation policies—the face coverings are simply a means to accomplish that goal.

The bigger question in all of this—why are so many seemingly intelligent people willing to go along with the absurdity?

The facts haven’t changed: no vaccine, a mobile society, a highly selective pathogen,  summer heat having no effect and an unhealthy elderly population not getting any healthier, the only viable solution is for the general populace to create herd immunity—and to do so as quickly as possible. (Read: Coronavirus: Always a Matter of Getting Rid of Trump)

How do face coverings fit into that equation?

They don’t.

It’s pure lunacy.

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