The Lies Told About Herd Immunity

Why have so-called medical experts decried herd immunity as fantasy?  

Worse, in the debate over the value of herd immunity, the country has lost sight of the negative consequences of following “isolation only” policies.

It is worth noting: “Isolation only” does nothing to eliminate the Covid-19 virus from the general population; therefore, those vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus remain vulnerable.

Effectively, politicians and medical experts, with their policy of “isolation only,” have rolled the dice with countless lives of compromised Americans.

The disturbing truth: More Americans will die from Covid-19 than necessary because we did not pursue herd immunity from the start. (Read: Isolation Policies Kill)

The underlying issue—if we are not working to eliminate the Covid-19 pathogen we are not working to protect vulnerable Americans.

Put bluntly, “isolation only” kills.

This is the backdrop that should accompany any discussion regarding herd immunity.

In the article titled “Covid-19—Not a Medical Issue: It’s a Math Problem the basic problem was outlined, including the problem definition, constraints as well as conditions associated with the Covid-19 issue.

Given the problem definition and constraints associated with Covid-19, it should have led to a single outcome—isolate the vulnerable population while concurrently allowing the general population to be exposed to the virus in order to create herd immunity.

From a problem-solving perspective there was no other viable alternative to address Covid-19 and the threat it poses to American society.

Yet, the notion of herd immunity has been challenged as being unfeasible.

So-called medical experts claim in order to attain herd immunity, 60-80% of the country would have to contract and recover from Covid-19.

Who cares?

This is not a flippant statement, but one of critical importance.

Lost in the debate about the level of herd immunity required has been—do we need a solution that is 100% effective in protecting vulnerable Americans?

Moreover, we are not dealing with a zero-sum situation.

We are talking about relative solutions.

Regardless of the actual numbers needed to create full-on herd immunity, any level of immunity developed within the general population will provide, at the very least, a measure of protective bubble for vulnerable Americans—“isolation only” does not and will not do anything to protect this population.

As a choice between “isolation only” and herd immunity—herd immunity wins hands down.

What’s troubling about the anti-herd immunity sentiment—we could have been working toward herd immunity since March 2020. That’s eight months up to election day 2020.

Given the seasonal flu takes approximately 6 months to create herd immunity—it is well within reason the country could have established herd immunity from the Coronavirus’ first appearance in the U.S. (Read: The 15% Rule)

The country was never given that option.

Another argument posited by experts against the pursuit of herd immunity has been the anti-bodies associated with Covid-19 are short-lived.

Of course they are!

Anti-bodies fight the viral infection, once the infection has been eliminated, the body no longer needs to produce anti-bodies.

However, it should be understood it’s the body’s T-cells that create the anti-bodies. The body’s T-cells hold the recipe for creating the anti-bodies, therefore, future protection from the Covid-19 virus.

Essentially, the argument regarding anti-bodies is a red herring.

For evidence on the lasting immunity created when an infected individual recovers, we should look to real world data—the science—not whether anti-bodies are long or short lived.

The science comes from the latest surge in infections.

The evidence from the Fall 2020 Surge in infections indicates those infected were not reinfections. (Read: Fall Surge Tells Us—Immunity Not Short Lived)  

Stated in other words—new cases were just that NEW cases—they were not individuals contracting Covid-19 for a second time.

This means the immunity established by those who have contracted and recovered from Covid-19 is much longer-lived than the public has been led to believe.

This leads us back to the original conclusion—the only viable course of action to protect the vulnerable in American society was to pursue herd immunity.

Instead, Americans have been fed one lie after another regarding the only solution that could lower the death toll due to Covid-19.

Herd immunity is not a myth—the lies laid out against it—are another story.

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