The Liberal Media’s Propaganda War

The onslaught is unrelenting.

Donald Trump lost and its time for him to accept the results of the 2020 election.

At every turn, the talking points are the same—Trump support is waning, that those in his own Party are lining up to urge him to throw in the towel.

The propaganda coming from the liberal media is reminiscent of a bygone era—Nazi Germany.

In an attempt to indoctrinate the German populace to his twisted view of the world, Hitler employed non-stop propaganda.

Sadly, the architect of Hitler’s propaganda campaign, Joseph Goebbels, would applaud the efforts coming from America’s liberal media.

It should be pointed out: The liberal media’s campaign has a single goal—it is the same goal they have had for four years, get rid of Donald Trump no matter what the cost.

They don’t care that they are depriving the American people of a fair and honest election—their ends justify the means. (Read: The Zealot Mindset)

The irony should not be lost on the reader—the liberal media is doing exactly what they have for four years accused Donald Trump of doing—stealing the election in 2016.

Oddly, there was never any attempt by Mr. Trump to steal the election in 2016—the liberal media in 2020 is another story.

There are the stories of Trump legal team’s litigation being thrown out for lacking evidence. What the liberal media omits—those dismissed lawsuits came during the election—and were attempting to prevent the cheating that eventually did occur. (Read: Trump’s Legal Team—What’s Their Game Plan (Part I))

The problem for President Trump, before someone commits a crime, there is no evidence of a crime—even if it is blatantly apparent a crime will take place.

We are not living in a reality based on the famous movie The Minority Report.

The court system does not act on likely outcomes—there must be an actual crime that has taken place; therefore, until a crime is committed the courts cannot, and should not, act.

However, it doesn’t mean the lawsuits dismissed on election day have any bearing on future lawsuits—they don’t.

After the fact, after the crime has been committed, the Trump post-election day legal team has standing—more important they have evidence of the crime.

Still, to reinforce their propaganda campaign, the liberal media continues to hammer home—President Trump is running out of options.

Of course he is.

There were always a limited number of options for President Trump, or for Joe Biden for that matter, to win.

It should be pointed out: It is not the number of options available to Donald Trump—it’s their viability.

Just how good are his options?

Given the level of voter fraud we should have always expected—one would think President Trump’s options are extremely good and that the claims of voter fraud are not pie-in-sky accusations—but real. (Read: Four Years of Vitriol—Leads to Clean Election?)

Even so, that’s the last thing the liberal media wants the public to come away with, not only does Donald Trump have a legitimate shot to win—but that his chances of overturning the election day results are extremely good.

It is worth noting: Effective propaganda never gives the whole truth—but it does have a kernel of the truth—it has to.

There were dismissed lawsuits—a truth.

Donald Trump’s options are limited—a truth.

There are those in his own Party urging President Trump to give in—a truth.

The statements above are factual—they are truths—but they don’t come close to telling the real story.

There was the statement by former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christy—calling the Trump legal team an embarrassment.

Did he make that statement? Likely, but what was the context?

Did Mr. Christy, a former prosecutor, disagree with the November 19th press conference? Would he have handled it differently?

Was his comment made because he thinks President Trump lost—and cannot possibly prove voter fraud?

Given the margin of victory in the states President Trump would have to flip in order to win—it would be hard to believe Mr. Christy thinks Donald Trump has no chance of reversing the election.

By removing the context in which the statement was made, that is what the liberal media has inferred.

The liberal media continues to beat the drum of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote in 2016.

Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote in 2016—a truth.

The real story, in 2016 Donald Trump carried the popular vote in 49 states not named California.

Only by winning California by 4.2 million votes was Mrs. Clinton able to lay claim to winning the national vote by 2.8 million votes.

Is this the reality the liberal media has promoted?


The liberal media has continuously misrepresented the truth to meet their ends.

Sadly, this is the nature of propaganda.

It’s all a deception in an effort to convince the people of a lie.

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