Successful Ballot Harvesting Requires Economies of Scale

In the run-up to the 2020 election there was a lot of talk regarding ballot harvesting—but very little of the talk focused on how difficult it is to successfully engage in a ballot harvesting scheme.

The key phase is: How to be successful.

It is not a matter of merely engaging in ballot harvesting; but rather, being successful at it.

More important: Getting away with it after the fact.

One element to the successful harvesting of ballots is the votes collected must deliver the desired outcome.

It does no good to just harvest ballots unless the ballots deliver the desired outcome.

Moreover—it must be achieved without being detected.

In Texas, a social worker attempted to harvest 67 ballots from a retirement home where she was employed—however, her scheme was discovered when residents exposed her efforts to authorities.

The social worker now faces 134 charges of voter fraud.

This is the dilemma with ballot harvesting—there needs to be a level of secrecy at the same time the ballots collected must deliver the desired outcome.

This becomes an issue of control.

Ultimately, to ensure the proper results and remain undetected, the conspirators must request the ballot, fill it out, and then return the ballot to the county clerk’s office.

In essence, the conspirators must control the entire process.

The problem: In order to control the entire process, there must be a level of efficiency.

But efficiency comes with a priceit leaves a paper trail.

The requested ballot cannot be delivered to 1,000s of different addresses. Not only is this impractical; it potentially could expose the scheme. Therefore, there must be a limited number of mailing sites—clearing houses.

This is the inherent weakness in any ballot harvesting scheme—the need to create clearing houses, where the ballots can be collected and filled out.

These single (limited number) mailing addresses represent clear evidence of malfeasance.

More troubling for the conspirators—unlike legitimate ballots mailed to individual addresses, these clearing house can be traced. (See: Follow the Dead)

And it’s all because to be successful, ballot harvesting needs economies of scale.

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