Nursing Homes —The Failure of State Leaders

Who regulates nursing homes in America—the Federal or State government?

It’s obvious, the State not only regulates nursing homes, it licenses them along with assisted living facilities.

So, it’s logical the State should be responsible for developing a plan to protect nursing homes not the Federal government.

So where have the States’ plans for nursing homes been?

Most initiatives by State leaders have amounted to an after thought—not a priority.

What’s so troubling with the apparent lack of emphasis by State leaders to address nursing homes is this population represents the most vulnerable segment in America.

Many aspects of the Coronavirus have been and remain elusive, however, one fact about the virus has been known from very early on—COVID-19 is particularly hard on those with underlying conditions—especially the elderly.

It is important to distinguish—age is not the main factor.
A one hundred and four year old Ohio woman contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

In Brazil, a 99 year old man survived the virus.

So age alone is not the issue; but rather, the main factor is the condition of the aged.

This screams nursing homes!

But from the beginning there haven’t been concerted plans put forth by Governors to protect this population.

Oddly, if nursing homes had been a focus of Governors—there’s a high probability—“shelter in place” policies for the general public would never have emerged.

It is counter intuitive, however, in order to protect the most vulnerable in America or any society—sans a vaccine— requires the general populace create an immunity barrier through herd immunity.

In essence, the general public must be allowed to develop a resistance to the novel virus if the most vulnerable in a population are to gain protection. (Read: The 15% Rule, The Folly of “Shelter in Place” in a Mobile Society)

Ultimately, the herd (group), including the most vulnerable, comes under the protection of the shared immunity established by the general populace.

It becomes evident State leaders never planned to protect the most vulnerable in their communities because “shelter in place” decrees only isolate populations, they don’t create immunity.

Sadly, without immunity the most vulnerable in any population will remain at risk.

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