Mail-in Ballot Fraud—is Mail Fraud

Lost in the mail-in ballot voter fraud debate—the U.S. postal service was a key player in the commission of the election fraud—which makes it a federal crime.

Oddly, what is a state crime of voter fraud is also a federal crime of mail fraud.

This gives the President and Department of Justice (DOJ) jurisdiction over any investigations into voter fraud committed using mail-in ballots.

That’s right folks—the election fraud has been elevated to a whole different realm with mail-in ballots.

It is akin to the federal government going after Al Capone for tax evasion, rather than the actual crimes he and his organization committed.

Or the recent college admissions scandal, where there was no real crime committed by the parents seeking to get their offspring into the college of their choice other than using the U.S. postal service as a portal to send payments to the various participants.

In effect, mail fraud was the crime being prosecuted by the federal government in the admissions scandal.

The same mechanism will likely be used in prosecuting those who have engaged in voter fraud.

These crimes will be elevated to the federal level—because the U.S. postal service (a federal agency) was used in the commission of the crime.

In addition, the mail fraud aspect of the 2020 election gives President Trump and his post-election legal team a means to circumvent local election officials who may be less than cooperative in investigating voter fraud.

Oddly, what started out as voter fraud will likely be prosecuted as a federal crime of mail fraud.

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