Local TV to Blame for Coronavirus Panic

Americans have been driven into panic mode—there’s no other explanation for the insane run on toilet paper. (Read: The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020)

Hoarding is a natural human response to uncertainty.

Stockpile everything one can—because there’s no telling what the future will bring.

It’s all driven by fear, but who drove the fear?

Was the fear justified?

It’s clear the national media was the driver behind the Coronavirus panic, but to assume they were in it alone would be wrong.

Local TV was instrumental in pushing the public over the edge.

It is worthwhile to understand the distinction between national and local media.

The individual, the regular Joe on the street, has no leverage with the national media. In fact, the national media has become so insular it’s unclear if any outside voice would be allowed to influence the decisions made within their close-minded inner circle.

Local media however represents a far different story.

Local media can be influenced, but only if the public is willing to do what it takes to make their voices heard.

Why is that important?

National media may set the agenda, but it is local coverage that has the megaphone. They are the ones that amplify the agenda driven narrative coming from national media sources.

Without the local media, especially local TV, there would be no resonance, therefore, no amplification.

Ultimately, it is local TV who dictates whether a story gains traction or dies on the vine.

Sadly, the coverage on the Coronavirus demonstrates all too well, local media is more than willing to be merely a portal for passing on the talking points generated by the so-called intelligentsia.

Simply put, local media, especially local TV, has fallen down on the job.

Local TV has become an aggregator of news, parroting the narrative handed down to them by the national media.

There is no thought applied—no questioning—no journalism.

Local TV has become part of the propaganda machine.

It is the same instrument used by petty dictators the world around—create a new world order and use propaganda to bind the masses to your cause.

Hilter used it in Germany, with Joseph Goebbels;—Communist regimes in Russia or China routinely engage in propaganda.

Propaganda is nothing new.

Regrettably, one would think American media would be above the blatant use of propaganda. That those who purportedly hold journalism in high esteem would not allow themselves to be manipulated into being merely mouth pieces to the propaganda machine.

One would be wrong.

In New Mexico, the Governor shuttered all non-essential business—at the time there were only 5 hospitalizations state wide and no indication the medical needs of its citizens would overwhelm the state’s healthcare system.

The New Mexico Governor pointed to curve flattening for her rationale, yet she never once shared just how many beds or ventilators the state could marshal to provide healthcare to individuals stricken by Covid-19. (Read: What is Our Healthcare System’s Capacity)

More troubling, local TV stations didn’t ask.

They simply allowed the Governor to push her agenda.

On April 3rd, the same Governor held a press conference. One of the first pieces of data shared was a bar graph showing the number of confirmed infections statewide. The bar graph had an imaginary line drawn through it in a blatant attempt to reinforce the Governors decision to shutter all non-essential businesses.

The line was imaginary!

The line didn’t represent anything. (Read: Hospitalizations Key to Determining End of COVID-19)

The slope of the line was chosen arbitrarily—that slope easily could have been far steeper than projected—but then it wouldn’t have proven the Governor’s point.

The reaction by local TV stations—there wasn’t any.

Sadly, when the New Mexico Governor did share pertinent data, she changed the format, from bar graph to a line chart to obscure any comparison.

Local media should have demanded a direct comparison of the data, confirmed infections versus hospitalizations.

More important, the local media could have done its own charts.

They didn’t have to rely on what they were being given. They could have done their journalistic jobs—they chose not to.

What would have been revealed to the public if local TV had done just a modicum of work—the number of hospitalizations would clearly demonstrate the Governor’s shuttering of businesses was totally without merit.

In fact, the edict by the New Mexico Governor was built on a lie.

In California, local media has allowed the Governor of that state to promote the most preposterous allegation to date—that 20 million Californians were going to be infected by COVID-19 without his government imposed “stay at home” order. (Read: The 15% Rule)

Where did 20 million come from?

In a bad flu season it is estimated between 10 and 15% of the American population contracts the flu—but somehow Californians are more susceptible to the Coronavirus, such that 50% of the state’s population will be infected by the COVID-19 virus.

One can understand the national media’s insular behavior—they are detached from those they create content.

Local TV—is supposed to be local.

They’re supposed to care about their communities.

Obviously, they don’t.

There’s no question about it. The national media creates the agenda—but it is the local media who carries the megaphone.

If anyone holds blame for the Coronavirus panic—it’s those behind the megaphone.

It’s local TV.

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