Joe Biden—Why Did He Hold U.S. Aid Hostage

In a taped interview in 2018, Joe Biden bragged about his threat to withhold one billion dollars in U.S. backed loan guarantees if the Ukrainian government didn’t fire their State prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.

In the interview Mr. Biden clearly stated, “I told President Poroshenko I was leaving in six hours, if he didn’t fire that prosecutor by then—he could say goodbye to the one billion dollars.”

Was there another reason for Mr. Biden’s action other than the position he has publicly taken—he was trying to get rid of a corrupt prosecutor?

The former Vice President says he’s been cleared of any wrong doing.

The liberal media’s position on the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Burisma angle is that the whole matter has been thoroughly debunked.

They claim other parties, including many within the international community, viewed Mr. Viktor Shokin as corrupt and wanted him removed from office. Therefore, the action taken by Mr. Biden was in line with the international community’s wishes; and thus, completely above board.

In truth, the only piece of hard evidence that can clear the former Vice President of any wrong doing is knowing whether Mr. Shokin was, in fact, investigating Burisma, the company where Joe Biden’s son was a highly paid board member.

There is no other piece of evidence that exonerates Mr. Biden.

In fact, there is no other piece of evidence that is material.

None of the so-called international parties, pointed to by the liberal media, leveraged one billion dollars to coerce President Petro Poroshenko into removing Mr. Shokin from his post—only Joe Biden did that.

If the former Ukrainian prosecutor was not looking into the Ukrainian energy giant Burisma—then the liberal media and Joe Biden would be correct in asserting the former Vice President’s action likely did not demonstrate any wrong doing.

However, if Mr. Shokin was, in fact, investigating Burisma at the time of his dismissal then Joe Biden’s action could be seen as benefiting his son, Hunter Biden—this would constitute an act of treason.

One would think if Mr. Biden is truly innocent, he would welcome, in fact demand, the Ukrainian government carry out an investigation into Viktor Shokin.

Was he looking into Burisma or not?

What’s more, the liberal media should not be so quick to sweep this under the rug.

Without definitive proof Mr. Shokin was or wasn’t investigating Burisma, there remains a lingering question: Why did Mr. Biden target a single individual within the Ukrainian government with his threat?

Was Mr. Shokin such a key element in the systemic corruption rampant in the Ukraine that his removal would significantly put a dent in that corruption?

Put another way: Did the firing of Mr. Shokin lead to a significantly less corrupt Ukraine?

President Poroshenko’s action demonstrates he was more than willing to throw the former prosecutor under the bus.

Was Mr. Shokin merely a scapegoat?

Was Mr. Biden sending a message to future Ukrainian prosecutors—Burisma is off limits?

Only the Ukrainians can definitively prove Joe Biden’s innocence—but neither he nor the liberal media seem too keen on getting to the bottom of this mystery.

One thing for sure: Joe Biden equated one billion dollars in U.S. backed loan guarantees with one individual, Viktor Shokin.

To the outside world, it seems like an awful lot to pay for one person—obviously, Mr. Biden thought it was worth it.

The question: Why?