Isolation Policies Kill

           “Isolation only” policies do nothing to eliminate the Covid-19 virus from the general population; therefore, those vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus remain vulnerable.

Put bluntly, “isolation only” policies kill.

Effectively, by enacting a policy (isolation only) that does not work to actively eliminate Covid-19, politicians and medical experts have rolled the dice with countless lives of compromised Americans.

In the scientific world, the principle is called “entropy.”

The basic tenets of entropy revolve around the concepts of energy and randomness.

It is the energy of random events that dictates at some point, if the Covid-19 virus has not been eliminated from a population, those with compromised immune systems will come in contact with the Coronavirus and experience a negative outcome.

There is no mysticism associated with entropy.

Simply put, the more time one is exposed to the possibility of contracting Covid-19—the more likely that possibility becomes a reality.

This is the oxymoronic aspect of “isolation only” policies. These policies will in fact lead to higher death tolls—not mitigate the loss of life.

It is only a matter of time.

In the article titled “Covid-19—Not a Medical Issue: It’s a Math Problem the problem regarding Covid-19 was objectively assessed. The result: there is one clear choice—isolate vulnerable Americans while concurrently seeking to create herd immunity.

In effect, isolate only those who cannot afford to come in contact with Covid-19, while actively eliminating the virus from the general population.

By contracting and recovering from the Coronavirus the general population builds a protective bubble (herd immunity) around those who cannot risk being exposed to the virus.

It must be reiterated: Time is not on the side of vulnerable Americans.

Regrettably, isolation policies are at best delaying tactics—they do nothing to shorten the time the Coronavirus exists in society.

Therefore, the sooner the virus is actively eliminated the better for all concerned.

What’s more, there is no other choice—until a vaccine is made available.

Sadly, Americans have been lied to.

They have not been given the truth about the limitations of isolation policies.

Worse, the one course of action to actually protect vulnerable Americans (herd immunity) has been roundly dismissed by so-called experts and policy makers. (Read: The Lies Told About Herd Immunity)

One thing is for certain in a random world—the longer the Covid-19 virus exists the more Americans will die.

Ultimately, if we are not working to eliminate the Covid-19 pathogen, we are not working to protect vulnerable Americans.

            Sadly, “isolation only” policies do nothing to save lives—they in fact—kill.

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