Georgia’s Early Morning Rip-Off Could be Key in Unraveling Election Fraud

Why did Atlanta election officials feel it was necessary to lie to the public about a broken waterline?

The video that has surfaced makes it obvious, the election officials were engaged in ballot stuffing and needed an excuse to send poll watchers home so they could pursue their thievery unencumbered.

As troubling as the implication of having those entrusted to run our elections actively ballot stuffing, one must ponder: Why did they wait until the last minute?

One would think if Atlanta election officials were going to cheat, they had ample time during the general election to rig the Presidential race without having to resort to last-minute ballot stuffing.

(Note: The co-conspirators actions likely also impacted the Senatorial race between incumbent David Purdue and his Democratic challenger—if Mr. Purdue can reach 50% of the vote it would obviate the need for a run-off.)

Instead, what we find is the co-conspirators scrambling in the wee hours of the morning the day after the general election.

It is worth pointing out: Given their actions, it is more than likely, the Atlanta election officials probably did engage in voter fraud during the general election. Their problem, they just didn’t cheat enough. (Read: The Problem for Liberals in 2020—They Didn’t Cheat Enough)

What threw a monkey wrench in the Atlanta co-conspirators plans, Donald Trump had outperformed everyone’s projections.

His performance put the Atlanta co-conspirators between a rock and a hard place, if they were going to spoil the President’s chances of re-election—they had to scramble.

Ironically, the wee morning hour shenanigans could spell the co-conspirators downfall.

It’s part of human nature—when we are rushed—we make mistakes.

During the general election, the co-conspirators had time.

They could carefully plan out and execute their crime.

Effectively, there was no rush, therefore they could make sure all the “T’s” were crossed, all the “I’s” dotted—but their actions in the wee morning hours represents a dramatically different set of circumstances.

Now the co-conspirators felt the crush of time. They had to act fast if all their efforts were to succeed.

It is not only the time crunch they faced that created pressure; it was their desire to have a particular outcome come to fruition.

The co-conspirators were driven to prevent Donald Trump from winning—this became their singular focus.

It explains the absurd waterline break—something that could be easily debunked—after the fog of war had cleared.

The dilemma for the Atlanta election officials—they had no choice.

Worse, for them, the waterline break was likely not their only failure.

Again, it must be remembered: The co-conspirators no longer had the luxury of time, this leads to mistakes being made.

For the Trump legal team this spells opportunity.

Their best chance of exposing voter fraud would be to focus their efforts on the actions taken in the wee morning hours, in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

As the video of Atlanta election officials clearly demonstrates—there was no pretense of following election rules.

There were no outer envelopes.

There were no inner envelopes.

The question: What other short cuts were taken?

Were mail-in ballot requests even filed?

Or is it more likely ballots were simply being produced as the election results were being reported?

It cannot be stressed enough—Donald Trump’s election night performance coupled with the limited time available forced the hand of the co-conspirators. Not only in Georgia but in the three other states where early morning chicanery took place.

 The first order of business for the Trump legal team should be to check the number of ballots cast—versus—the total number of mail-in (absentee plus mail-in) ballot inner envelopes.

These numbers should reconcile.

But if ballots were simply added by election officials, as is likely the case—then the totals will not reconcile.

This is the smoking gun.

This could be used to verify the Georgia video as authentic.

It would also give the Trump legal team the ammunition to challenge the vote tallies in the Rust Belt states. (Read: Chaos Theory Suggests What Happened in One State Happened in Others)

Furthermore, this would go a long way in putting a fork in the liberal media’s denial of voter fraud.

One thing is certain: Donald Trump’s election night performance was key in forcing the wee morning hour trickery.

Having to scramble, at the last minute, the co-conspirators may have spelled their own downfall.