Four Years of Vitriol—Leads to a Clean Election?

After four years of constant vitriol—we must ask: What kind of impact did it have on the 2020 election?

Moreover, should we expect the liberal media’s constant attacks on Donald Trump to lead to a clean election or should we expect a high degree of malfeasance in the form of voter fraud?

With a constant diatribe coming from the liberal media that President Trump was illegitimate, that he stole the election in 2016, there should be little doubt some within the Democrat Party are motivated to do whatever they believe is necessary to takedown President Trump in 2020—including committing criminal acts in the form of widespread voter fraud. (Read: The Zealot Mindset)

Moreover, these ardent advocates of getting rid of Donald Trump have had four years to plan their overthrow.

In addition, zealot members of the Democrat Party were given a new weapon in the 2020 election—mail-in ballots. (Read: Mail-in Ballots Represent New Paradigm)

Ironically, the news agencies responsible for the scorn directed at Donald Trump—now want to dismiss their attacks as having no impact on the 2020 election.

That widespread voter fraud was not committed.

Is that reasonable?

No—it’s not.

In fact, if there ever were a time to scrutinize an election—2020 is its posterchild.

There has already been evidence of voter fraud—or as the media presents it, anomalies in the vote tally due to glitches.

The truth of the matter, there are no such things as computer glitches, software does exactly what its programmers intend it to do.

In the case of votes mysteriously switching from Republicans to Democrats—the intention is clear—to cheat.

But this should be expected.

This is the environment that has been created by the liberal media with their constant vitriol directed at President Trump.

The issue: Given the environment, election officials should have put in place robust measures to prevent voter fraud.

Instead, they have buried their collective head in the sand, claiming they haven’t seen widespread cheating, therefore, widespread cheating hasn’t occurred. (Read: Burden of Proof Should Reside with Election Officials not Candidates)

Again, is this reasonable?

In truth, given four years of constant attacks on Donald Trump, the most plausible outcome, what should be expected, in the 2020 election is—widespread voter fraud.

According to the philosophy of Occam’s Razor—the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions is likely the right answer.

Should we assume four years of constant attacks, four years of unfounded claims President Trump colluded with Russians in 2016 or the fraudulent impeachment trial led by an over-zealous Adam Schiff, had no impact on the 2020 election?

Or do we rightly assume those attacks had an impact.

That the atmosphere created by the liberal media was causal in widespread cheating by motivated liberals (zealots) in order to get rid of Donald Trump.

The simple answer: Yes.

It’s just what should have been expected given the conditions in America.

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