End Game

The impeachment process has been disturbing to say the least.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is, and remains, the political triangulation taking place.

Even before Senators cast their final votes on impeachment, on February 5, 2020, the liberal media had already begun to rollout its spin.

The vote was partisan.

Donald Trump was guilty. And if not for partisan politics, he would have been voted out of office.

Impeachment should have been above politics as Senator Lisa Murkowski opined.

It has been anything but.

Adam Schiff should never have brought his case before the Senate, if he didn’t believe he could gain a conviction.

He should never have put the country through the upheaval of impeachment if he didn’t think he could get, if not 20 GOP Senators to vote guilty, at least get 5 to10.

But he did.

His end game has now become to gain a draw.

Ultimately, if only a handful of Democratic Senators defect and vote to acquit—he will get his draw.

(Note: As it turned out the ultimate vote on abuse of power was 52-48, with Mitt Romney siding with Democrats—obstruction of Congress was 53-47)

As for the GOP, it has always been about acquittal—it should have been about innocence.

For Donald Trump’s legal team—the end game has been, if it can be believed, even more perverse.

Their end goal: to get their names placed in the annals of history.

To be recognized as the legal minds that codified what is and what is not impeachable.

They never sought to prove innocence—their case was based on technicalities.

They made the argument the charges didn’t rise to the level of criminality—therefore the Senate should acquit—for technical reasons.

Seriously, technicalities!

This argument coming from the Party of law and order.

For Donald Trump—it has always been to just move on.

Where do guilt and innocence come in?

They don’t.

The entire impeachment process has been perverted because it has never been about criminality or innocence.

On Mr. Schiff’s part it has been as Professor Jonathan Turley assessed—a rush to judgment.

It had been nothing but innuendo—and conjecture.

It was Democrats wanting to view President Trump in the worst possible light—then twisting every fact to lineup with their reality.

When it became abundantly clear Mr. Schiff was not moving the needle in the arena of public opinion he should have abandoned his pursuit of impeachment.

He didn’t. (See article: Impeachment—One Man’s Ambition)

But it isn’t all on Mr. Schiff’s shoulders—Nancy Pelosi should have read the polls, and intervened.

She chose to punt—because it was politically expedient to go forward with impeachment rather than to take on her own caucus.

Her decision may very well cost her dearly, by ending her tenure as House Speaker, effectively ending her political career.

Can Ms. Pelosi survive?

Perhaps, if President Trump’s reelection team doesn’t stumble onto a case for his actual innocence, then yes, Nancy Pelosi could survive. (See the entire impeachment article archive at eddyaragon.com)

For Donald Trump, he will claim victory even though his case for innocence has not been proven.

Only with innocence will he truly be exonerated.

The perversion of impeachment—the American public has been dragged through the mud—for nothing more than politics.