COVID-19 Apocalypse

When everything is said and done: Just what will the impact be on global societies by the COVID-19 virus outbreak?

Will global populations be devastated, will the new world order resemble the hit TV series the Walking Dead?

Will every man, woman and child be infected?

Will COVID-19 spell the end to civilization as we know it?

If a coma patient were to wake up in the midst of the current Coronavirus scare, they couldn’t help but believe the end was upon us.

At least that’s how the media has portrayed the COVID-19 scare.

The overriding question: Just how bad is the emergence of the Coronavirus?

Will it kill more people than the seasonal flu?

What will the mortality rate be of COVID-19?

The issue surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak is how it has been presented to the public. The constant drum beat of death permeates the coverage—as the public is inundated with hourly updates on death tolls.

Even the language being used screams end of times.

Regrettably, there’s no escaping the onslaught—it’s everywhere.

Pandemic and crisis are bandied about as if they are the only two words in the English language.

The public is given no respite—no time to reflect as to the true threat COVID-19 presents to our society.

This is the propaganda of panic. (Read: The Recipe for Panic)

Don’t give the public a chance to catch their breath.

Don’t offer rational thinking—drive home the panic.

Above all else don’t allow the voice of dissent to challenge the paradigm being driven home. (Read: In Times of Crisis: No Room for Dissent)

Make no mistake, the media has done yeoman’s work in driving home the panic—just look at the run on toilet paper. That’s panic behavior. (Read: The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020)

There was no other reason for the run on paper goods—than shear panic.

Hoarding is a clear sign of fear—fear the system we have come to take for granted will not remain in place during the so-called COVID-19 epidemic.

The public bought up so many N95 medical grade respirator masks it created a shortage. The trickle down effect: unable to protect themselves health care workers were put at risk, this, all before we even know how COVID-19 is transmitted.

We don’t even know the actual transmission rate or modus of the virus.

Still, that didn’t stop the panic buying of N95 medical grade respirator masks.

It’s all a reaction to the media’s coverage.

Given the constant assault, one cannot help but believe we are experiencing the end of humanity.

The issue: Are we truly witnessing the Apocalypse?