Coronavirus: Trump’s Signature Moment

Sadly, in the battle against the Coronavirus, the liberal media would like to see Donald Trump fail.

The Democrat’s agenda since Mr. Trump won the 2016 presidential election has been to find some way to remove him from office.

There was collusion and the Mueller Special Counsel investigation—they failed. (Read ebooks written under Occam’s Razor by Dan Butterfield: The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming & Treason)

Adam Schiff stated repeatedly he had the goods on collusion—the evidence never materialized.

There was the Stormy Daniels campaign finance issue—it didn’t go anywhere.

Democrats floated the idea of obstruction of justice—it likewise never gained any real traction.

Then came the impeachment trial.

President Trump was accused of abuse of power in regard to the Ukrainian military aid package allocated by Congress.

Not only did the trial end in acquittal, Mr. Trump was actually innocent of the charges brought against him and Adam Schiff knew it. (Purchase & Read: The Impeachment Series)

All this effort directed at removing Donald Trump from the Presidency—and it has gone nowhere.

Now we look toward at the 2020 presidential election—which was going to be all about the economy.

If that were the case—given where the economy was prior to the Coronavirus scare—no Democratic challenger was going to dethrone Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton knew that—that’s why she never seriously contemplated a run in 2020.

She knew if the 2020 contest were about the economy she couldn’t win—so she didn’t try.

Remember her husband’s famous slogan—it’s the economy stupid.

Bill Clinton used that slogan to bludgeon George H. W. Bush in 1992.

Liberal pundit, Bill Maher—openly stated: for the Democrats to win in 2020 they needed a recession. 

The Coronavirus has given Democrats what they have openly wished for—or has it?

There is little doubt the liberal media has rooted for the economy to sour—to that end, one would think the COVID-19 outbreak has been a dream come true.

However, when all is said and done, the reality may be far different for Democrats.

The Coronavirus may actually propel Donald Trump to reelection.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the entire nation in one way or another.

It is a crisis—whether one views it as a natural crisis or man-made—it is a crisis.

The dilemma for Democrats—this crisis is right in Donald Trump’s wheelhouse.

In essence, Mr. Trump has been preparing for this moment his entire life.

In business, leadership, in one fashion or another, is all about problem solving.

In fact, what differentiates Donald Trump from political rivals like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton—he’s not a politician—he’s a problem solver.

He doesn’t base decisions on political triangulation: specifically on what some pollster has determined will be the best decision for a politician’s career.

Whether one agrees with Mr. Trump or not, he bases his decisions on what he believes is needed to address a particular problem.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a problem.

When America identified its first COVID-19 infection on January 20th, a Seattle man who had been working in Wuhan, China, the epicenter for COVID-19, Donald Trump acted.

On January 27th a ban was imposed against travelers from China.

Mr. Trump was soundly criticized for his actions as being unfounded—but that push back from the liberal media didn’t stop him.

A politician would have calculated how an action such as the travel ban would impact their political career—not President Trump.

The Trump administration was accused of being asleep at the wheel in regard to COVID-19 test kits.

We find out, instead of 10’s of millions of test kits, the country needed 10’s of thousands perhaps a million.

State after state has told its citizens not to take the test, rather, to consult a medical professional who will determine if testing is warranted. (Read: The Test Kit Lie)

Even though the nation, in reality, only needed test kits for those seeking medical attention—Mr. Trump’s administration has pushed forward.

He has taken on the bureaucracy of D.C., the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and FDA (Federal Drug Administration), cutting through regulatory red tape to allow all the resources of private industry to be brought to bare against the test kit challenge.

He has accelerated what is normally a painfully slow regulatory process in getting new self-test kits into the market. These new versions of the COVID-19 testing kits reduce processing time from days to hours.

Governors were screaming they needed ventilators.

The liberal media and pundits across the land shouted at the top of their lungs—the President needed to invoke the Defense Production Act—to force industry into producing the equipment needed to tackle the virus outbreak.

President Trump resisted—instead choosing to personally call upon industry leaders for help.

Donald Trump’s approach: reach out to the CEOs of America’s business community—and ask for their help.

This is leadership.

Mr. Trump wasn’t so full of himself that he had to resort to the use of governmental power to force manufacturers to come to the country’s aid—he was humble enough to simply ask for help.

The reaction—only one company in America needed to be forced to help—that company—GM.

GM, instead of being grateful to the American taxpayer for their largess in bailing out the auto maker in 2009, didn’t come to the table willingly.

Their rival—Ford—did.

This is the greatness of America, ask for help and the citizens and companies of this nation will come running.

They are what differentiates America from the rest of the world.

Americans don’t need to be told to help—what they need is to have the government get out of the way.

That is exactly what Donald Trump has done—he’s removed the obstacles that kept the greatness of America from being utilized to its fullest.

This is what will be remembered when the Coronavirus crisis is dead and buried—Donald Trump led by allowing Americans to come to the aid of their fellow Americans.

This is not what the liberal media will promote—they will criticize every move made by the President.

But the media will not control what people who have risen to the Coronavirus challenge will remember.

Auto-workers, who halted the production of luxury cars to build vital live saving ventilators, will remember they had a hand in saving American lives.

Those workers, who produced the N95 respirator masks, will remember their contribution to the fight—and no media narrative will take that away from them.

Restaurant owners and staff, who had to endure the hardships of having their livelihoods stripped from them by State “so-called” leaders—instead of hanging their heads, fed members of their communities. They won’t be swayed by the liberal media’s criticism—they will remember they rose to the challenge.

The small distillers, who took it upon themselves to produce the alcohol-based hand sanitizers, will remember their part in the battle against the Coronavirus.

Although the economy has taken a considerable hit it will likely bounce back after the scare has passed.

It is worth remembering, the economic contraction was driven by the decisions by state governors, not the federal government, to shutter business activity—a self-imposed supply restriction. The economic contraction was not due to waning consumer confidence. (Read: COVID-19 Represents Supply Interruption)

Once the artificial government closures are lifted, unmet demand will drive a return to the same level of economic activity America experienced prior to the Coronavirus scare.

Still, it is likely the economy will play a secondary role in the 2020 presidential election, what people will remember is Donald Trump’s leadership in allowing the greatness of America to shine.