Coronavirus: Always a Matter of Getting Rid of Trump

One thing is obvious about the actions taken by Democratic Governors in regard to the Coronavirus, it was all about politics: the politics of getting rid of Donald Trump.

It is not enough to state the Coronavirus scare has been all about politics—it must be proven.

The question: How to prove it? (Read: Covid-19—Not a Medical Issue: It’s a Math Problem, Herd Immunity Plus Isolation the Only Viable Solution)

Oddly, proof comes from understanding the fundamentals of problem solving.

How a problem is approached goes a long way in determining the underlying focus being pursued.

If the aspiration is to solve a particular problem, the facts will dictate what solutions are applied—if decisions are made contrary to the evidence, then it is likely an ulterior motive is present.

As the fictional character Sherlock Holmes stated: “When all the possibilities are exhausted—the option remaining, no matter how far fetched—is the right one.”

As outlined in the article titled “Covid-19—Not a Medical Issue: It’s a Math Problem, the basic problem was defined along with the constraints and conditions associated with the Covid-19 issue.

The problem definition and constraints should have led to a single outcome—isolate the vulnerable population while concurrently allowing the general population to be exposed to the virus in order to create herd immunity.

There was no other viable alternative.

This conclusion is reinforced when we analyze the Fall Surge in infections. (Read: Fall Surge Tells Us—Immunity Not Short Lived)  

There is little evidence those infected in the Fall Surge were reinfections.

What does this mean—new cases were just that NEW cases—not individuals who had been reinfected.

This means the immunity established by those who have contracted Covid-19 is not short-lived; but rather long-lived.

If we had originally allowed the novel Coronavirus to take its natural course, instead of pursuing isolation policies—the country would have already achieved herd immunity; thereby providing a protective barrier to vulnerable Americans. (Read: What’s wrong with Covid-19 taking its natural course, Isolation Policies Kill)

The question: If herd immunity was always the best solution—why wasn’t it followed?

We must reconcile why the fundamental tenets of problem solving were simply ignored.

Or were they?

The truth of the matter is we have defined the problem as protecting vulnerable Americans.

But what if our problem definition is wrong?

What if the problem definition were changed to: Getting rid of Donald Trump?

Does the solution of isolation fit?

Sadly, it does.

It is worth pointing out: any solution must satisfy the problem definition as well as all the constraints associated with the problem.

It becomes clear if we define the problem as one of getting rid of Donald Trump—it becomes apparent the policy of isolation was the best fit.

Why did Hillary Clinton decide not to enter the 2020 Presidential contest?

Her decision was driven largely by the state of the economy at the time. (Read: Coronavirus: Trump’s Signature Moment)

The likelihood of anyone taking down Donald Trump at the time of Mrs. Clinton’s decision was remote at best.

What was needed was an economy on the skids.

Oddly, if the problem being addressed is defined as taking down President Trump—then the actions taken by Democratic Governors make sense.

Furthermore, even as additional information about Covid-19 becomes known—that information is, in effect immaterial, as the Coronavirus plays only an ancillary role in actions taken by Democratic Governors.

The only aspect of importance, in the removal Donald Trump from office, is a soured economy.

Shuttering all non-essential business accomplished that goal, a phased reopening strategy ensures a sluggish economy heading into the general election.

Sadly, if we define the problem as how to get rid of Donald Trump—the actions of Democratic Governors make perfect sense.

When the evidence fits the solution, we come to one conclusion: The Coronavirus has always been all about politics; the politics of getting rid of Donald Trump.

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