Civil Disobedience – Don’t Take the COVID-19 Test

In the state of New Mexico, the Governor pointed to curve flattening for her justification to impose a statewide shuttering of all non-essential businesses.

She stated it was a reaction to the growing number of infections, even though New Mexico had one of the lowest infection rates in the country—only 83 confirmed cases at the time of the decision, with five of those needing hospitalization.

What really drove the New Mexico Governor’s decision?

Should the number of cases be a driver?

Or should the driver be hospitalizations, those infections that lead to use of the healthcare system?

More to the point, should we be looking at the number of hospitalizations that require ventilators?

How many ventilators can a state’s healthcare system put into use?

Here’s the dilemma—the more information you give the government the more they can use it against you—for their own agenda.

The solution: don’t give politicians the ammunition to use against you.

Don’t take the COVID-19 test.

Deny politicians like the New Mexico Governor the data she distorted for her own purposes. (Read: The Myth of Curve Flattening)

It must be pointed out it is the data along with the philosophy of curve flattening that are being abused by politicians to justify draconian measures such as ordering citizens to “stay at home.”

In the case of New Mexico—83 total infections were justification for the Governor to shutter all statewide so-called non-essential businesses.

Yet, the curve flattening statistical model is based on reducing the impact to a government’s healthcare system—not on reducing the overall number of infections. (Read: Curve Flattening Never Meant to Stop COVID-19)

So, how do five hospitalizations result in the actions of the New Mexico Governor?

Partly, the actions of the New Mexico Governor were allowed due to an ill-informed public.

Coupled with a complacent media unwilling to challenge the curve flattening mantra, it should surprise no one the public’s trust was being abused.

The dilemma for the public—they look to their leaders to demonstrate leadership, not for their trust to be abused.

Sadly, the actions of the New Mexico Governor prove once again the public must provide its own leadership.

Part of that leadership may be in denying the data that led to the shuttering of all statewide non-essential businesses.

That means not becoming a statistic—refuse to voluntarily take the COVID-19 test.

This is not as farfetched or disobedient as the government would have you to believe.

In New Jersey, health officials are telling their citizens unless they need medical attention—don’t take the COVID-19 test.

Again, it doesn’t matter how many COVID-19 cases occur.

It only matters how many citizens must seek medical attention—how many individuals require hospitalization.

Sadly, the only way we may be able to stop the madness of shuttering businesses is to deny government officials the data they use to abuse our trust.