Chaos Theory Suggests What Happened in One State Happened in Others

In the field of mathematics there is a concept termed “Chaos Theory.”

Put in layman’s language, the theory postulates in chaotic systems there is often a high degree of order.

How does this apply to the 2020 election?

It is likely what took place in one state was replicated in others.

Based on the principles of chaos theory, one should not assume voter fraud is an isolated event or the types of voter fraud are unique to one area of the country.

Furthermore, given the limited set of factors, there is a restrictive number of permutations possible.

It is also worth noting, voter fraud is not reserved to Blue states or just the Rust Belt. It likely took place everywhere. (Read: Voter Fraud Not Limited to Blue Counties or States)

In essence, how the vote was manipulated has little to do with location.

In addition, voter fraud could impact races at both the state and federal levels; therefore, it is worth investigating every state for voter manipulation, not just the ones up for grabs for the Presidency.

The beauty of chaos theory for the Trump legal team—once they find one form of voter fraud, they can be relatively confident the exact same type of fraud has been replicated in other areas of the country.

The Trump legal team simply needs to apply what they have learned in one part of the country to the rest of the nation—including Blue states such as California.