What’s the purpose of an author’s biography?

Is it to create some personal affinity with the author or is it a means to generate some insight into the author’s thinking?

In a fashion typical of the approach taken by this website, the author’s biography is being used as an opportunity—in this instance, to foster a deeper understanding of the thinking that goes into this product offering.

Note: Communication is an iffy proposition at best. Therefore, the more opportunities one has to introduce/present ideas the better chance those ideas have of being conveyed.

Perhaps my use of the term product offering has already struck you—I approach danbutterfield.com (as well as Occam’s Razor by Dan Butterfield) as a business.

To me, danbutterfield.com is not some vanity project. There is no desire for self-promotion or aggrandizement—no searching for the limelight, nor am I seeking to promote a political or personal agenda.

It is simply business.

Still, when I use the term business I do not mean it in a strict sense of dollars and cents. Business is an attitude.

By viewing my product offerings as a business it acts as a constant reminder of the importance of the consumer.

Perhaps the greatest benefit comes from appreciating, in order to remain in business, danbutterfield.com must continually focus on providing value to the consumer.

It is this business attitude, the importance placed on the consumer, that seems to be lost on so many in the media.

Media personalities and pundits believe they are the most important factor—to the point they have lost sight of the consumer’s place in the hierarchy.

This has led to a proliferation of myopic, self-centered content promoting personal agendas that inundates the marketplace today.

It is the business attitude of danbutterfield.com as well as Occam’s Razor by Dan Butterfield, where the consumer is placed front and center, that I believe separates these products from the ordinary.