Acquittal Does Not Mean Innocence

Donald Trump was quick to claim exoneration. The Democrats and the liberal media were just as quick to declare the Senate vote was meaningless.

Who’s right?


President Trump has been subjected to an unrelenting assault; even before he took office. For him, just moving on from impeachment was a victory.

The GOP never proved he was innocent.

In fact, they didn’t even attempt it.

Eventually, the GOP was satisfied with acquittal, which came down largely along Party lines, with only Senator Mitt Romney of Utah siding with the Democrats on the article of abuse of power.

Democrats knew going in they had not made their case for guilt.

From very early in the impeachment process, no one seriously thought Adam Schiff would be able to convert 20 Senate Republicans to his side.

Victory for Adam Schiff, Democrats and the liberal media—was always going to be a draw.

A draw was good enough, especially if there were few defectors from the left.

As it turned out—no Democratic Senator voted to acquit President Trump.

The dilemma for Donald Trump—he wants to move on—but acquittal doesn’t give him that luxury.

Democrats and the liberal media are going to claim victory—that Donald Trump was guilty—he simply was not removed from office due to partisan politics.

This is the overriding issue with ties.

Everyone can claim victory.

With no definitive winner—everyone claims they’re the winner.

The only way to circumvent the inevitable conflict of a tie—is to have an actual identifiable victor.

The good news for Donald Trump—he is the only one who can actually be crowned the victor—but he must first prove he is innocent.

Can President Trump win reelection without proving his innocence?

Mr. Trump’s prospects for reelection will hinge on the economy—not impeachment.

The problem, President Trump can win a second term—but can he govern?

Remember collusion?

In March of 2017, in the midst of the collusion debate, President Trump launched an air strike against a Syrian airbase. Many on the conservative side of the media pointed to Mr. Trump’s action as a clear indication he was no puppet of Vladimir Putin.

That Donald Trump’s willingness to attack an ally of Mr. Putin demonstrated he had no allegiance to Russia—and that should likewise put a fork in the debate of whether his campaign had colluded with Russia in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Three and a half years later—collusion is no longer front and center.

Three and a half years later—collusion has finally fallen out of favor—only to be replaced by abuse of power.

In reality, collusion has never really gone away—in large part because—Donald Trump never opened up investigations on his own (through the DOJ) to demonstrate Russian interference was an artifice of the Obama Administration.

One can be assured, history will repeat itself.

The charge of abuse of power will not go away—no matter how much Mr. Trump demands he did nothing wrong.

Democrats are already leveraging comments by Republican Senators such as Lamar Alexander—that while the case brought to the senate floor did not rise to an impeachable offense—President Trump’s actions were inexcusable.

This will be an ongoing theme for the next four and a half years.

It will lead to nothing getting done in Congress unless Republicans retake the House.

And it’s all because of a tie.

Donald Trump should not, for the sake of the country, settle for a tie.

He must win—the only way he can win is to prove his innocence!