danbutterfield.com is predicated on a single guiding principle—relief.

By working to develop the context and insights necessary to create an informed consumer base, danbutterfield.com is focused on addressing the frustration and anxiety that has led to so much anger regarding the pressing issues of the day.

It must be emphasized: There is no desire on the part of the author to influence the reader with opinion. There is already more than enough such material, mostly unfounded, in the marketplace.

Furthermore, it is the feeling of the author that opinion, founded or otherwise, does not lead to lasting relief and therefore has limited value.

This has led to a different kind of approach, one where topics are explored in an a-political, non-biased manner using the principles of plausibility attributed to William of Ockham (1287-1347).

Occam’s razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions is likely the right one. In other words: In the American Southwest, if one hears hoof beats—think horses, not zebras.

It is worth stating: There is rarely any certitude when dealing with current events or any issue for that matter.

In addition, there is no claim of deity-like abilities on the part of the author.
The author is well aware he does not possess every possible fact or infinite wisdom.

Still, by applying the principles of plausibility to known (public) facts, rather than relying on mere conjecture and opinion, a far more robust picture can be developed.

It is this more robust, non-biased, picture that leads to the creation of an informed consumer.

Note: Introducing political or emotional bias into any issue/situation does not lead to good judgment; rather they create barriers to good judgment.

And, only through giving the consumer the necessary tools to make informed decisions can relief be attained.

The author has a series of e-books under the pen name of Occam’s Razor by Dan Butterfield. These are:

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