2020 Fall Surge Demonstrates—Covid-19 Immunity Not Short Lived

One of the major reasons so-called medical experts rejected herd immunity as a viable approach to combating Covid-19 was their claim immunity associated with Coronavirus is short-lived.

The antidotal evidence presented—anti-bodies associated with Covid-19 are short-lived; therefore, any immunity would likewise be short-lived.

The problem with this logic—it’s not the anti-bodies that determine the length of a person’s immunity—it’s the body’s T-cells.

Afterall, it’s our T-cells that produce the anti-bodies responsible for combating the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, whether one remains resistant/immune to the Covid-19 pathogen is determined by the T-cells not the presence of anti-bodies.

In fact, anti-bodies only need to be present long enough to rid the system of any pathogen/foreign body. This is the process for any foreign body that has entered the human body—including the Covid-19 virus.

The dilemma: The only way to prove the body’s T-cells have retained their ability to produce the proper anti-bodies to combat Covid-19 is to periodically reinfect someone who has contracted and recovered from the virus.

That is until now.

Ironically, the argument made by ill-informed experts that immunity from Covid-19 is short-lived based on the lifespan of anti-bodies—can now be thoroughly debunked as junk medicine.

And it’s right in front of our eyes—the 2020 Fall surge of Covid-19 infections.

Given the first reported case of Covid-19 in America occurred in late January 2020, nine months later, the number of confirmed reinfections is nearly non-existent.

If immunity were truly short-lived, is this the outcome we should expect?


Given testing had ramped up quickly in the months of February and March of 2020, if immunity were indeed short-lived, we would have expected a portion of those who tested positive in late Spring 2020 to be among those testing positive in the Fall.

This has not been the case.

The only conclusion one can reach—we’ve been lied to.

The worse part of the lie—so-called experts have denied the American public the ability to eliminate Covid-19 through the process of herd immunity—based on their lie of short-lived immunity.

Sadly, the threat presented by the novel Coronavirus may have been largely eliminated from the American population if the media and so-called medical experts hadn’t lied to the public.

Those who claim they are merely following the science now have real science that refutes early claims of short-live immunity.

The 2020 Fall surge in infection gives definitive proof once an individual has contracted and recovered from Covid-19 their resistance/immunity to the disease is not short-lived.

It has nothing to do with the lifespan of anti-bodies.

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