10,000 Dead Michiganders Key to Exposing Voter Fraud

10,000 dead Michiganders voted in the 2020 election, ironically, contrary to popular belief—dead men can talk.

According to analysis by Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, nearly 10,000 dead Michiganders returned mail-in ballots in the recent election.

Even if the denial by election officials holds, that those votes would have been rejected—that’s 10,000 dead people trying to vote in the latest election.

For those expecting a fair and honest election, the 10,000 votes cast by the dead in Michigan might represent the best chance of exposing the massive voter fraud taking place in the 2020 election.


Follow the paper trail.

Dead voters didn’t vote in person.

They’re dead.

Nor did these individuals request mail-in ballots.

They are still dead.

They didn’t contact the County Clerk’s office from beyond the grave.

Again, they’re deadbut someone did.

The 64,000 dollar question: Where were those ballots sent?

The 2020 election was not held in the metaphysical realm—the mail-in ballots had to be sent to a physical address in the real world.

Those ballots then had to be filled out by someone—presumably alive.

This creates a physical trail—a paper trail.

All the Trump team needs to do is follow the trail.

Given the sheer size of the number of dead who reportedly voted in Michigan—one can bet—the Trump team will find thousands if not 10’s of thousands of other mail-in ballots with the same mailing address(es).

Who says dead men can’t talk.

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