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Coronavirus Article Suite

Democratic Governors never approached Covid-19 with the desire to protect their citizens.

If they had they would have followed the Swedish model, leaving their economies open while the general population developed herd immunity.

Instead, Americans got isolationist decrees—crippling the U.S. economy while leaving the most vulnerable Americans in harms way.

The evidence all points to one conclusion—the goal all along was political—how to get rid of Donald Trump. The best way to accomplish that end goal—was to take down the U.S. economy.

Read all about it in the 30 articles presented in the Coronavirus Article Suite. Purchase unlimited access to the article suite below.

Price: $10.00

The articles included in this suite are:

  • The Myth of Curve Flattening
  • The Test Kit Lie
  • Is COVID-19 the Great Apocalypse?
  • The Recipe for Panic
  • Will COVID-19 Be Long-Lived?
  • Curve Flattening Never Meant to Stop COVID-19
  • Civil disobedience—Don’t Take the COVID-19 Test
  • The Deception of Mortality Rate
  • Hospitalizations Key to Determining End of COVID-19
  • What is Our Healthcare System’s Capacity?
  • COVID-19 Represents Supply Interruption
  • The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020
  • Has COVID-19 Been with Us All Along?
  • What If COVID-19 Had Reached U.S. without Warning?
  • Trump’s Blunder—He Trusted the Liberal Media
  • Coronavirus: Trump’s Signature Moment
  • Coronavirus: We Never Defined the Problem
  • Coronavirus Solution: Increase Damn Capacity
  • Control versus Providing Healthcare
  • Local TV Drove the Panic
  • In Times of Crisis: No Room for Dissent
  • State versus Federal Responsibility
  • Models Just Don’t Work
  • The Dubious Causality of Social Distancing
  • The China Connection
  • Coronavirus: The Rise of Dictatorial Rule
  • What’s Wrong with COVID-19 Taking its Natural Course?
  • The 15% Rule
  • The Folly of “Shelter in Place” in a Mobile Society
  • Nursing Homes—The Failure of State Leaders
  • The Mythology of Summer Heat
  • The Swedish Model
  • Novel Pathogen—Spanish Flu of 1918
  • Coronavirus Didn’t Crush Economy Politicians Did
  • Coronavirus: Always a Matter of Getting Rid of Trump
  • The Lunacy of Face Coverings
  • Is a Vaccine Our Savior
  • Covid-19—Not a Medical Issue: It’s Just a Problem
  • The Lies Told About Herd Immunity
  • Isolation Policies Kill
  • Fall Surge Tells Us—Immunity Not Short Lived

Impeachment Article Suite

The impeachment of Donald J. Trump was about one man’s political gain.

Adam Schiff knew the evidence all pointed to President Trump’s innocence—but he didn’t care about the truth.

He only cared about power as he pursued articles of impeachment in an attempt to take down the 45th U.S. President.

There was no quid-pro-quo.

There was no abuse of power by President Trump.

The abuse was solely that of Adam Schiff.

Read all about it in the 18 articles included in the Impeachment Article Suite. Purchase unlimited access to the article suite below.

Price: $5.00

The articles included in this suite are:

  • The Truth Behind the Hold
  • Dismissal of All Charges
  • DoD Forced Hold on U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine
  • Joe Biden—Why Did He Hold U.S. Aid Hostage?
  • The Timeline—Tells Us There Was No Crime
  • No Quid Pro Quo—Because Trump Didn’t Control the Aid
  • Unmemorable
  • What If There Had Been No Hold?
  • Why the Vitriol—Failed Expectations
  • Rush to Judgment
  • Impeachment—One Man’s Ambition
  • What If President Zelenskyy Had Opened Investigations?
  • Procurement at the Heart of Everything
  • Schiff Provided All the Evidence Needed to Prove Trump’s Innocence
  • End Game
  • Why Did the Democrats Get It So Wrong?
  • What Should Democrats Do Next?
  • Acquittal Does Not Mean Innocence


Election 2020 Suite

With four years of constant vitriol directed at Donald Trump should we expect those years to have no impact on the 2020 election?

A broken waterline in Georgia suspended counting—only to have votes added to the tallies in Atlanta after poll watchers have been sent home. The same took place in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

It was all expected.

But did the Liberal’s cheat enough?

Ultimately, will the voter fraud be exposed—or will Joe Biden and Liberal prevail?

Read all about it in the 30 articles presented in Election 2020.  

Price: $10.00

The articles included in this suite are:

  • Successful Ballot Harvesting Requires Economies of Scale   
  • 10,000 Dead Michiganders Key to Exposing Voter Fraud
  • What Do 10,000 Dead Michigander Voters Tell Us (Part I)
  • What Do 10,000 Dead Michigander Voters Tell Us (Part II)
  • Mail-in Ballot Voter Fraud—is in Fact Mail Fraud
  • Follow the Dead
  • Voter Fraud Not Limited to Blue Counties or States
  • Four Years of Vitriol—Leads to Clean Election?
  • The Zealot Mindset
  • Chaos Theory Suggests What Happened in One State Happened in Others
  • Trump’s Legal Team—What’s Their Game Plan (Part I)
  • Trump’s Legal Team—What’s Their Game Plan (Part II)
  • Trump’s Legal Team—What’s Their Game Plan (Part III)
  • Burden of Proof Should Reside with Election Officials not Candidates
  • Mail-in Ballots Represent New Paradigm
  • Voter Fraud has Greater Implications than Just the Presidency
  • County Clerks Culpable in Voter Fraud
  • Understanding the Mail-in Ballot Process
  • The Problem for Liberals in 2020—They Didn’t Cheat Enough
  • Statistical Aberrations Can Only Be Explained By Cheating
  • Sweeping the Change—An Elegant Way to Cheat
  • The Liberal Media’s Propaganda War
  • Criminal Nature of 2020’s Voter Fraud Changes Everything
  • Red State AGs Worse Nightmare for Conspirators of Voter Fraud
  • Why Polls/Surveys Work For Business But Not For The Media
  • What do Polls Reveal About Society—Very Little
  • Why Liberal Media Got it So Wrong: They Believed Their Own False Narrative (2016)
  • Why Polls Got It So Wrong—Again

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